FIOGC has a virile and very dynamic international team of professionals that we always refer to as our strength.

This hardworking and resourceful team is managed and controlled by highly competent management with years of experience in the petroleum sector, state governing, political management, giving FIOGC an edge over others in terms of productivity and service delivery to our Clients, respectively. Our key people were previously engaged in the state refineries administration and plant development, achieving the leadership positions for them.

Creating an environment that supports professionalism, integrity, and innovation has led FIOGC to a higher-performing team. The company to ensure continuous professional development for our team allocates significant resources to various unique training and development programs.

The strategy of our management is to:

Strengthen client base by ensuring excellence and innovation in service delivery
Create and sustain strategic relationships that will guarantee superior delivery in an appropriate manner
Recruit, retain and reward high-performance partners

Management Attitudes

  1. Management that is appreciated by customers, shareholders, and employees
  2. Management that is always willing to take on creative challenges
  3. Management that respects each individual
  4. Coexistence with the natural environment (eco-friendly product development)

Management Principles

  1. A friendly and warm workplace
  2. A workplace filled with unique individual personalities
  3. A workplace where all employees think about the customer first
  4. A workplace that welcomes effort and passion on the job

The Three Principles of Action (The Three S's)

A rich, incisive and astute intellect
A select few carrying out simplified work
The good use of time and quick action