Health and safety policy

At FUJAIRAH INTERNATIONAL, we strive to foster a corporate culture that places the highest priority on employee safety and health, and we do so based on the concept of "Respect for humankind," which is one of our three business principles. With efforts rooted in this approach, we strengthen efforts intended to ensure safe and healthy working environments for all business locations as we cultivate safe, comfortable workplaces.

  1. We comply with all relevant laws and regulations on health and safety as well as in-house stipulations and rules and place the highest priority possible on ensuring safety and health in all Company operations.
  2. We strive to monitor actual conditions in our workplaces, carry out risk assessments, and eliminate potential threats to the safety and health of employees.
  3. In order to ensure greater worker safety and health, we actively pursue safety- and health-related measures and activities in the workplace.
  4. We carry out necessary employee education and training in order to build knowledge of health and safety and improve the sensibilities of health and safety.
  5. We undertake measures related to workers' physical and mental health and make every effort to ensure the preservation and improvement of employee health in both body and mind.
  6. By assessing and revising our safety- and health-related activities, we continually make improvements to measures in these areas.

Basic Environmental Policy

As a fundamental operating principle, FUJAIRAH INTERNATIONAL considers environmental conservation, achieved through the ingenuity of company employees, to be an important part of our business operations, and we view the preservation for future generations of our irreplaceable natural environment to be one of our fundamental responsibilities. Based on this approach, we undertake continual measures at all business locations to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

  1. We comply with all environmental laws and regulations in the UAE and abroad while pursuing independent, voluntary efforts to reduce our environmental impact.
  2. We strive to foster environmentally friendly products and services.
  3. In purchasing operations, we prioritize materials and equipment that contribute toward reduced environmental impact.
  4. With an eye toward reduced environmental impact throughout all business operations, we endeavor to effectively utilize material and energy resources while reducing waste volumes, recycling waste, and carrying out appropriate waste disposal.
  5. We provide environmental education and training for our employees to make each and every person into a responsible Company member capable of effectively carrying out environmental protection activities.
  6. Through environmental protection efforts, we actively strive to contribute to local communities.

CEO, Fujairah International Co., Ltd.